End-of-Life Care

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Why This, Why Now?

Circle of Life Hospice Project co-founder Kaye Cantwell talks about the long-standing need for an end-of-life facility in Colorado.

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Who Are We?

We are a spirited group of friends and co-workers who have worked in and around dying — from hospices to hospital oncology floors, to watching our own loved ones die.

We accept that people that are drawn to careers working with death and dying are a strange and beautiful breed of human beings. They grasp that life is rich with joy and tragedy, with sorrow and delight, and understand that that is the Circle of Life. To stand near the intensity of death is to know it is a sacred space indeed. Powerful. Profound. Not unlike being in the presence of birth. Magical even.

From our perspective, we’ve seen the gaps, the missing piece in the industry, and that is a peaceful comfortable home-like place to die.

That is why we have created the Circle of Life Hospice Project.

It’s not a hospice… but a home.

Circle of Life Hospice Project is a home where all hospices are welcome to bring their patients who can not, or choose not to, die in their own homes.

Omega Home Network

Circle of Life Hospice Project is a new member of Omega Home Network, a national membership organization that promotes the development and expansion of community homes for dying people.


COL Focus Group Meets

On May 7, the Circle of Life focus group brought together local professionals with expertise in healthcare and fundraising who shared helpful insights and offered constructive feedback on [...]

Our Mission

is to create a home-like end-of-life residence when hospice in the home is not a viable option for families.

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Our Team

Meet our dedicated board of directors and steering committee.

Leadership Team

We are grateful to our impressive leadership team, bringing years of experience in hospice care, social work, medicine, and a dedication to providing compassionate end-of-life care.

Our Inspiration

The Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco serves as a model for what we would like to achieve here in Colorado.

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