On this New Year’s Day we wanted to reach out to you and thank you all for your support and involvement with Circle of Life Hospice Project and Circle of Life at Bross Street in 2018.                                 

Although our efforts with Circle of Life at Bross Street Hospice Project was an amazing 3 month whirlwind of creating and pulling together amazing people of support and energy,  our Board has carefully considered our available time, talent, and energies, and we all agree we have lost the steam to locomote this dream into manifestation once again, after the abrupt ending to our jump-started home’s opening. Many hours of energy went into our being able to open on Feb. 1st of 2018 with marketing, protocols, admission procedures, volunteers, and trained and ready staff. To all who made that possible, we thank you.  The surprising events that brought that to an end on March 1st, also took a toll on our stores of human resources and momentum.  After several meetings with many involved parties and a 6 month hiatus for letting the dust settle, we are now ready for closure of this project. We have been exploring other services that provide resources to end of life patients and families where we could donate the balance of our raised funds. There is still a gaping hole of need for affordable places people can go to die, with professionally experienced end of life care teams. We would appreciate your suggestions of known non-profit end of life care efforts where our donation would impact this population we care so much about.

Please know how much your support has meant to this long-standing dream. Our balance is not a great deal of funds, but it came from generous donations like yours and we want to honor those gifts by paying them forward to the cause. Thank you all for your endless kindness. It has been an amazing and inspiring dream.


Circle of Life Hospice Project Board of Directors

Kaye Z. Cantwell
Lyn Rothwell
Peggy Richardson
Sally Lamberson
Ellie Hughes, MD
Carrie Mulder
Matthew J. Kristofco